Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD
Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly..."

Psychotherapy for the Pain in Your Life

Have you forgotten the last time you felt truly happy?

Have you been struggling from Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness which makes you sad or angry?

Are you ever so overwhelmed by fear that it takes you breath away?

Are these feelings affecting your job, family life, relationship or school?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you may be suffering from Depression,  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Chronic Pain from an Illness or a combination. If you have come to this site you are probably experiencing a lot of emotional pain that you have tried to deal with it on your own. Some times we try to ignore our pain or memories, or we take a huge risk and talk to our friends. Although our friends love us, often the advice they give us isn’t exactly what we need to hear. Sometimes what we tell them doesn’t stay with them- they may tell your private information to others. Because of these issues we often end up suffering in silence. Eventually feelings end up bubbling to the surface and start to make you feel overwhelmed. This can affect school, work, and your relationships. I know that every morning you wake up and hope that today will be different.

Sadly, without professional help that rarely happens.And if you are reading this you have probably come to this conclusion and are ready to get help.

Many strong and independent  women and men can suffer through brief episodes of Depression, deal with low self esteem or PTSD at different times during their lives. It can occur suddenly after a crisis: the death of a loved one, returning from war, having a physical accident, job loss, divorce or a relationship break up. Other times it may seem to sneak up on you slowly. You wake up feeling a bit blue and months later you realize life doesn’t feel the way you imagined it would feel, or the way it used to feel. Your friends may start asking, ” why are you STILL sad, you have everything you could want in life!” This comment rarely seems to help, usually it makes you feel worse about yourself and how you feel. Other friends or family members may tell you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and “get over it.” However If it were that easy, no one would ever feel sad or depressed and therapists would not ever be needed.

I know that if you have found yourself on this site you are struggling. You are probably feeling in pain,possibly crying more than usual, having sleep changes. You may be having anxiety or panic attacks. All of these problems are probably keeping you up at night, which means when you awaken in the morning you are exhausted.

I also know that even though you may connect with what I’ve written the thought of contacting me is probably terrifying.The only thing harder than looking up therapists is calling one and explaining how you feel to explain the problems you are dealing with right now.

Perhaps it’s the stigma of seeing a therapist. Even in 2015 many people feel they can’t speak with a total stranger about personal matters or feelings. It’s easier to see your family doctor to get a pill for a quick fix. Maybe you don’t want your family to know that your feelings have gotten so big that you needed help from a professional. Perhaps, your loved ones have told you that you don’t need a therapist or you are exaggerating your feelings.

Maybe you have heard “Only crazy people see a therapist.” “You are strong, this too shall pass.” “God never gives you more than you can handle.” “Everyone gets blue-that doesn’t mean you need to tell anyone!”

I know you won’t believe this, but I’ve heard all of these statements, and many more,  in my extensive years of being a therapist. People that love us the most often try to convince us that we don’t need help, not because they don’t care about you, but often they just don’t have the professional understanding.Or they are frightened that something seriously wrong is going on that perhaps is their fault.

My name is Dr Karen Hoving and I am a Psychotherapist in Aurora, CO (South of Denver).Here is a brief video about who I am and how I practice.

Although I have experience in working with many different mental health issues with different ages of clients, in the last 10 years I decided that it was best to focus on just a few issues that I could specialize in, know a lot of information about and the best way to focus on helping you to feel better faster and with a wide variety of treatment options.Many doctors of Psychology chose to have a more generalized practice working with all the issues we were trained to diagnose and work with.  Although I was taught about all of the mental health issues that we know about in a Doctoral Program, in my opinion no one can be a specialist in everything! Things have changed in the field in the last 20 years. I believe that many of the best therapist’s often specialize in a few mental health disorders. This is what I like to call the  “medical model”. You see your GP for a cold or sinus infection, but if you develop Rheumatoid Arthritis or Multiple Sclerosis, you will be sent to a specialist that specializes in those diseases. This is not because your GP didn’t study RA or MS in medical school, because they did. But they didn’t specialize in these areas. And with your body, or your emotions, when something isn’t right you don’t want to see a generalist- you want a specialist.

I am now specializing with Adults and older Adolescents  that are experiencing Depression or Mood Disorders   Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). as a result of a recent trauma such as a severe accident or sexual assault from childhood abuse or adult assault. I also work with individuals that are struggling with Chronic Illness or Pain  and the emotional issues that often exacerbate their symptoms. Often anxiety accompanies these issues and I work with a lot of individuals with anxiety and panic attacks. I also work with issues that can affect the LGBT Community.

I know that the only thing more frightening than reading this site is actually contacting me. What if I don’t answer the phone? What if you forget what to say? How will you know if you like me? If I don’t answer the phone, please leave a confidential message at 720.878.8891 and I promise I will get back to you within an hour. All you have to tell me is your first name and your phone number. I’ll call you and we’ll work all the rest out. If you are too scared to call me you can leave me an email message with your phone number and I will call you. When you call I will give you a Free 45 Minute Phone or Skype Consultation or in my office. You won’t feel rushed and will have plenty of time to ask me all of your  questions and concerns. 

I know that picking up the phone is terrifying. But please know that with that one call or consultation we can begin your journey to feeling better and more in control than you have perhaps in years. Often, after a few sessions my patients report that they didn’t realize how bad they felt before we began working together. Many of my patients say that they are stunned that after often just a few sessions they begin to have hope again.  Imagine what that will feel like? Instead of hiding from daylight, now looking forward to waking up each day. Think about how it will feel when you don’t have to worry about nightmares, panic attacks or endless periods of sadness. I know you are overwhelmed right now, but if you don’t contact me you will still feel this way tomorrow. Perhaps if you call you too will see that there is hope for you. And I am here to listen and help you feel better about your life by working through your issues.

I encourage you to read the rest of my site and decide if I can help you. There are many articles on Depression, Trauma, and feeling better about yourself. I also offer Online Therapy if you can’t make it in to the office. If you have questions, know that you are one call away for letting go of the agony you are living with.


It’s Safe To Begin Your Journey Today.

Call  or Email me to get your free 50 minute Phone consultation.

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