Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD
Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly..."


Psychotherapy for the Pain in Your Life

Have you forgotten the last time you felt truly happy?

Are you struggling from Chronic Pain or Chronic Illness which makes you sad or angry?

Are you ever so overwhelmed by fear that it takes you breath away?

Have you have been carrying a “secret” that you are scared, if you tell, will ruin your life?

Are these feelings affecting your job, family life, relationship or school?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above you may be suffering from Depression,  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  Anxiety/Panic Attacks or Chronic Pain from an Illness or a combination. I focus on these disorders specifically,  because I believe that being amazing at a few things is better than being “just ok” at everything on the psychological spectrum.

Research has shown that the best treatment for Mood Disorders, Anxiety, and PTSD includes Therapy as opposed to just medication. I know we have been taught that a pill is a fix all, and I do suggest medication for some patients. But my patients are in therapy as well as on medication. Many are doing relaxation exercises, hypnosis, as well as different types of creative therapy. These all geared individually to help you get out of your brain and into your feelings. So we can help let the negative ones go. I know many of these types of therapy may seem strange to you, but please feel free to ask me all about them. I love what I do and am delighted to discuss how I treat your situation uniquely.

I understand that calling me can be overwhelming. Even in 2016 many people feel they can’t speak with a total stranger about personal matters or feelings. It’s easier to see your family doctor to get a pill because it often feels safer. Your MD doesn’t have the time to completely discuss the problems going on in your life. You can be vague and not share what’s really going on, hoping that s/he will give you something that will take the edge off, so you can try to move forward, without any humiliation.

Unlike seeing your MD, when you see a Therapist you have an hour to go into exactly what is going on in your life. I know, that’s so scary! Many people tell me, “Dr Karen, why should I see a therapist, I have friends I can talk to!” Well I hope that is true! Friends are an amazing commodity. However, when you speak with your friends you might not have their total attention-perhaps the day you really need someone to listen is the day THEY are struggling and need you? What if you have a falling out-they have all that intimate information and might feel angry are hurt. Therapist’s are required to keep what you say confidential. And that hour of time is all yours.

You won’t be rushed. I am not focusing on MY problems, this is your time completely. No nurses barge in with questions, and I do NOT take phone calls or texts while you are in session with me. Instead of 15 minutes with your medical doctor to explain everything going on physically and emotionally, you will have an entire hour with water, a soft drink, Hot or Iced Tea/Coffee or anything you want to bring with you.

 My name is Dr Karen Hoving and I am a Psychotherapist in Aurora, CO (South of Denver).Here is a brief video about who I am and how I practice. (And yes, I did have a “bad hair day!”).

I know that the only thing more frightening than reading this site is actually contacting me. What if I don’t answer the phone? What if you forget what to say? How will you know if you like me? All of these questions spinning in your head can talk you right out of calling. Many of my patients over the 20 plus years I have worked, all felt this way. But after we connected on the phone they immediately felt comfortable and more relaxed.

If you want to call, my phone number is 720.878.8891.If that still feels too overwhelming use the form to the right and send me an email. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. When we speak I will offer you a Free One Hour Phone / Skype or FaceTime Consultation. You won’t feel rushed and will have plenty of time to ask me all of your questions and express your concerns. And most importantly you can get to know me and see if you feel that we “click.”

Before you call or email take a few minutes to read the parts of this website that may apply to you. There are many articles on Depression, Trauma, Anxiety and feeling better about yourself. I also offer Online Therapy if you can’t make it in to the office. If you have questions, know that you are one call away for letting go of the agony you are living with.


It’s Safe To Begin Your Journey Today.

Call  or Email me to get your free 1 Hour Phone/Skype consultation.

“Dr Karen” Hoving



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