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What is an HSP and Is That Me?

Recently I had a patient use a term I had not heard of, “HSP.” The meaning is a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON. I was humiliated to understand that I had never heard this term! I poked around and found an article on Salon Magazine (OK, not exactly a Psychology Today article but it was originally found… Continue Reading

New Families and Depression

We have all heard about women having babies and often suffering from Postpartum Depression. Approximately 9 -16% of new moms experience Postpartum depression after the birth of a child.It has been well documented that when mom experiences postpartum depression it impacts the entire family. But what about dads? I’ve recently noticed that some of my… Continue Reading

Journaling for Therapy

When a new patient arrives in my office by the end of that first session they get a gift. A journal. Now, I wish I could tell you that I gave them a fancy,leather-bound , gold-gilded edge fancy journal that cost almost as much as the session to see me. But alas, I start them with… Continue Reading

Little Known Wednesday – What is Coulrophobia?

In the theme of Throw Back Thursday, I thought I’d try Little Known Wednesday and let’s start looking at some more interesting psychological disorders. Our first is…Coulrophobia….OK now no copy, past, and running off to google! Obviously, breaking down the word, we are looking at a phobia. Could it be fear of colors (or colours if we… Continue Reading

Bipolar I

Recently there has been a lot of discussion of Bipolar Disorder since the recent ABC show The Black Box, about a neurosurgeon that struggles with having Bipolar Disorder. Discussions about Bipolar Disorder tend to flare when a famous individual get ‘s diagnosed, or comes out of the closet, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones who was diagnosed… Continue Reading

Social Media Guilt

Social Media Guilt

I know, I know…I haven’t posted in weeks! Don’t feel completely blown out of the water, I am behind on ALL of my social media!. Keeping up with Social Media alone is a full time job. There is Facebook (my business page, I don’t even remember if I HAVE a personal page!), Twitter, 2 Blogs,… Continue Reading

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