Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD
Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly..."

The Basics on Dr Karen

By now I hope you know that my name is Dr Karen Hoving and I am a Psychotherapist in Aurora, Colorado. I graduated with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1996, although I had been working as a therapist since 1991. Prior to that, I had been a hypnotherapist in Ohio for 8 years.Since then I have worked in both Cincinnati, Ohio and Colorado. For those of you that are interested in the nuts and bolts of my training slide down to the bottom of this page and you can learn about articles that I have been interviewed for, and specific training I have had.


Do You Write Prescriptions?

No! I am not a medical doctor. However,  if medication is something that we decide may help you in your therapeutic journey I am happy to contact your GP and discuss the use of Psychotropic Medications. If you don’t have a family doctor I can recommend physicians that are close to my office that I work with quite often.If you prefer to work with a Psychiatrist in addition to working with me I can either work with whomever you are working with, or I can suggest someone that has worked well with some of my other patients.

Some of my patients do not want to consider anti depressants, mood stabilizers or anti anxiety medication. As long as we are meeting regularly and you are feeling comfortable that is just fine with me. I can help support you with just therapy unless you get into a bad down word spiral, and we’ll discuss that before you get too low!

How Will You Know If We “Click”?

Research shows that the relationship between you and your therapist is an important factor in your healing. Although we are also learning a lot about how neurology plays a role in healing. Choosing a therapist that you feel comfortable with is vital. The last thing you need in a time of crisis is to see therapist after therapist looking for the one that will “get you.” This is why I encourage you to call me I will give you a 50 min over the phone/Skype or FaceTime FREE CONSULTATION. This way you won’t feel rushed and you can get all of your questions in. Often if I have time, I offer this consultation the first time you call. I If I don’t have time when you call, we will set up another time that is convenient for both of us. It is often helpful if you write down some of your most important questions before the session, so you can get the most out of it!

Why Chronic Illness?

I am currently a single parent with a 22 year old disabled daughter. Both my daughter and I struggle with Systemic Lupus, an autoimmune disease that attacks the organs of our body, and Fibromyalgia. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as other auto immune issues (when one opens the door, others march in). This is part of the reason I work with patients with chronic illness. I know more than most, the struggles you are going through.I know what it’s like to go through day after day of chronic pain, to get the evil eye when parking in a Handicap Space (With a placard because I’m not in a wheelchair), and to deal with people who don’t understand the medications I’m on. I am very lucky to have an amazing team of doctors but like many women, sometimes it’s hard to be honest about the physical pain we feel (“omg she’s drug seeking!”) or when we “look great” on the outside but feel terrible in the inside! I highly recommend an article called The Spoon Theory (Link at bottom of page) especially if you are newly diagnosed with a chronic or terminal disease.

One of the things we can work on is helping you to stop minimizing your symptoms because you are afraid of what your MD will think. We are also going to work on alternative methods to help you through the rough spots, while you are working with your GP/Specialist with Medical Interventions. I have found many people get a lot of relief with mindfulness (meditation) and hypnosis in addition to therapy to help you deal with the loss and grief you are experiencing. No one woke up one morning as a child and thought “Gee, I hope I get a Chronic or Terminal Illness just when my life is just taking off”.

NO child prayed or visualized being on disability or having panic attacks, depression, or PTSD. Regardless of when you started your fight, one of the fears we all share is burning out our friends. Sometimes having a safe place to come and dump your feelings, with someone who won’t get burned out may be the support you need!

Illness comes with physical pain, emotional pain, and lots of decisions. I’m here to help in whatever way you need. It isn’t necessary for a therapist to have walked in your shoes to help you, but isn’t it helpful when they really understand?


If you read the pages on these issues you know what they are. I started helping children and adults who were abuse victims as a Pre-Doctoral Intern. Abuse comes in many forms. Some of my patients struggle because they were or are being emotionally abused-which is tricky because there are no physical x-rays to prove it. But your psyche is non the less equally broken as a bone from physical abuse. You may still experience the feeling of walking on egg shells. Things you see on the street will pull you back to that time, when…

All of these things are REAL! The anxiety, the depression, the sense of loss, the confusion of whether you are making it up! I’ve heard it all over 23 years. And there are many ways to deal with it. Some people chose EMDR (Which I don’t have any training in) which works for many people. I use a different approach because I have seen it work.

My bottom line belief is that I don’t want you in therapy for life. I want to help you and get you out of my office and LIVING your life.

I work on a sliding fee because I understand mental health treatment should be available to the many, not just the wealthy few. I don’t work with insurance companies because I am required to release confidential information about you, and it goes on your permanent record (“pre-existing condition”) which in the case of rape or physical abuse can cause you to lose your health insurance if the healthcare laws change. This is not a political position-it is a “I don’t want you punished for doing the right thing for your health” position.

The majority of Insurance companies have a higher copay for mental health treatment (aprx $55/session) but they limit how many times you can come. My lower end scale is $60. If you insist on working with your insurance company, call me and I can explain in detail what to ask to make sure that your policy covers an “out of network therapist” and how many times we can work together. I’ll give you all the documentation you need, but will NOT work directly with the insurance company. In some cases of need, I may accept your copay alone if they refuse to accept me as an out of network therapist.

Academic Background, please!

For those of you that are interested in my academic background, here is a brief summary (some classes or training may not be listed. Feel free to ask.) . I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about my training, internships, residency, or other areas that I have had training in above and beyond my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology program. Sometimes individuals don’t know about types of treatments, please feel free to ask if they seem overwhelming or confusing. The bottom line is my academic background and classes have helped me become a more patient, interactive therapist.

Educational Background

Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, Chicago, IL  1997
Beginning Mediation, Orange County Mediation Center, Carborro, NC 1997
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, The Union Institute, Cincinnati, OH 1996
Advanced Gestalt Therapy, Cinti Gestalt Institute, 1993
Beginning Gestalt Therapy, Cinti Gestalt Institute, 1992
Treatment of Sexually Abused Clients & Incestuous Families, Cinti, OH 1991
Treatment of Adult Survivors of Incest and Rape, Cinti, OH 1991
BA in Clinical Psychology, The Union Institute, Cinti, OH 1990
Hypnosis Training, Cincinnati School of Hypnosis, 1984-85

CO Registered Psychotherapist — #10245 CURRENT


The Spoon Theory: It is written for individuals with Lupus, but while reading substitute YOUR illness/issue instead of the word Lupus. It will fit:

Articles Interviewing Dr Karen Hoving

These are articles that I was interviewed for on the internet. Most of the articles are about Children/Tweens/Teens and school issues. The first issue is about using creative therapy techniques and how they help you dig deeper into your therapy and get more in touch with your feelings.

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Changing Schools

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