Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD
Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly..."


Imagine that you are having a “bad day.” You want help, but the thought of getting dressed up, finding someone to watch the kids,  putting gas in the car, and driving 20 minutes in traffic to get to your therapist’s office seems overwhelming.

Now visualize yourself throwing on a pair of sweats, sitting in your most comfortable chair, your computer in front of you, headphones on your ears. With the click of a mouse, you are working online with your therapist, in the safety and comfort of your home.

We live in an amazing time where information is at your fingertips in every bookstore, coffee shop, and room in your home. The internet has dramatically changed our lives. We can shop in our pajamas at 2 am and research what’s wrong with our dog before seeing a vet. It was only a matter of time before the internet invaded the world of Mental Health.

I started using Skype when I had a patient that was too ill to make it to my office that day but really needed to work with me. I often work over the phone with patients,  but I feel that because you can see each other via Webcam, Skype is a much more intimate and intense experience for both the patient and the therapist.

Since then I have worked with patients that do not live near Aurora, are too ill to come in, or cannot drive. I have found that therapy can be as effective over webcam as in my office. I have a lot of experience working with individuals that are struggling with Depression or PTSD via Online Therapy. The only thing we can’t do is Sand Tray Therapy. We can utilize art therapy if you are willing to purchase paper, markers or crayons. It works really well if you can scan your pictures for me to see (or mail them to me via snail mail).


All you need is a Computer (Mac or PC) with a Video Camera. New computers usually have this installed. If you have an older computer without a camera don’t worry.  You can acquire a Video Camera for your PC or MAC at Walmart , Apple (if you have a Mac) or any Electronics/ Computer Store(Best Buy, Radio Shack)  for a minimal cost (check Walmart for very inexpensive Cameras that will do the job).

You will then need to download the free Skype software at: SKYPE. Go to the section called GET SKYPE. Pick which computer you have (PC or MAC) and download the software).

Follow the instructions to set up an account for free and then call to arrange an appointment with me. I will then give you my Skype Address and we will arrange a time to meet online. For the first appointment I request payment before the session via paypal.  After your initial appointment if you feel that you want to continue working together I will bill you AFTER each appointment.  Payment will be through Paypal. Don’t worry if you don’t have a paypal account. I will send you an invoice and you can pay via credit card or directly through your checking account

For my Apple patients many prefer FaceTime over Skype- which is just fine (I’m an apple user ). Just let me know which format is more comfortable for you.

If you feel that Online Therapy with me would be something you would like to explore, I encourage you to call my office or send me an email and we can discuss whether this will be effective for your specific situation.

Karen Anne Hoving, Ph.D.






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