Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD
Psychotherapy for Depression and PTSD

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Testimonials from Other Professionals

Here are a few testimonials from professionals that I have relationships with. If you are wondering why I don’t have any testimonials from prior patients please understand that it is unethical to use comments from prior or current patients on websites (even if their names are not used). You can only use statements from professionals that have referred clients to you or worked with you professionally. Please remember this if you see a website that has a long list of patient “comments” with initials. What they are doing is illegal and unethical.


Dr. Karen has been a tremendous resource for me in some of my cases. I work in crisis situations where there is often little time to develop a diagnosis. Things happen quickly, often in the span of a few hours. I have had a few instances where I worked with a client who would move from one crisis to the next over a period of months. Karen helped me explore the underlying issues that led to this. She is intuitive and often picks up on root causes with only a small amount of evidence. She is an excellent diagnostician and has helped me develop an awareness for things that present outside of my “normal”.

I have seen very positive results from her approach. She has worked with patients that I have seen who were making very little progress in their treatment plan. These same patients showed very positive responses after working with Karen. I think this happened for two reasons, she is as I said, incredibly intuitive and sees through the fog of a complex presentation. She also works very hard using her skills and training to develop a plan of care that works for the client and she has a very deep toolkit of skills to draw from.

She is excellent. I highly recommend her for treatment of PTSD, Depression, Bipolar, Dissociative Identity issues, and Gender Identity issues, as I have seen firsthand the results of her work in these areas. I have spoken with her about many other disorders she treats and believe she will only agree to provide therapy for those things she has the experience and knowledge to handle well.

Sam Shelton, MA

Crisis Counselor

Wake County, NC


I’ve known Dr. Karen Hoving more than a quarter century and I’ve worked with her in multiple settings. Always cheerful, energetic, she truly cares about the people she treats, is kind, empathic and while she has many skills, she continues to train for new ones, so she can offer a wide range of services. Dr. Hoving is professional and accessible, sensitive and very intelligent. She is also experienced in a number of practice settings and with several for extended periods.

Having shared many people who saw Dr. Hoving for therapy and saw me for meds I can say her folks were uniformly happy with Dr. Hoving and felt she was very helpful. No surprise! I would not hesitate to refer people to Dr. Hoving for therapy, and would be glad to collaborate again, though geographic distance precludes that for now. In any case, the bottom line is Dr. Hoving is a multiply qualified, skilled, experienced, compassionate practitioner and I am pleased to recommend her.

David A. Seltzer, M.D., DFAPA

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